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Be Present Where Your Customers Are

In today’s marketing landscape, social media is an invaluable tool. Utilizing it wisely can unlock numerous advantages for your company. From brand promotion to attracting a host of new customers, the possibilities are abundant. But where should you start? Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn?

The options are plenty,
that’s why we’re no longer talking millions; we’re in the billions. The sheer volume of social media users presents an enormous opportunity. We’re here to help you seize it.


With over 2 billion active users globally, Facebook reigns supreme as the largest social media platform. In Poland, nearly half the population (47%) maintains social media accounts, dedicating more than 2 hours each day on average. They're searching, and they can discover you.


This image-centric platform ranks second, boasting up to 95 million daily uploads. It predominantly attracts users under 30. Draw closer to your customers through stunning visuals.


Every day, 30 million active users flock to YouTube in search of entertainment, advice, and solutions. Video campaigns are the future of marketing, and they can be the future for your business.


A business-focused platform that brings together professionals and decision-makers across various industries. It's a hub for corporate leaders, politicians, and MBA graduates—individuals actively seeking business opportunities.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Introduce your brand to hundreds of thousands of potential customers before your competitors do! Together, we can make your online presence both accessible and influential.

We Want You to Shine and Succeed

The possibilities are vast, and we’re here to provide expert advice on the most effective options for your business.

Here's our plan:

1. Strategy Development

We'll lay the foundation for future activities, identifying target groups, industry strengths and weaknesses, and campaign goals on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more. Our goal is to optimize your activities without breaking the bank.

2. Tailoring to You.

We'll create striking graphics, supplement profiles with essential company information, and make sure your customers have easy access to details such as maps, opening hours, and contact information.

3. Making Your Presence Known

Creativity is our forte. We'll design eye-catching graphics and craft engaging posts, plan events, run groups, and organize contests. It's all about grabbing your audience's attention.

4. Engaging in Dialogue

We'll initiate meaningful conversations with your customers through comments, messages, and reliable responses. We aim to foster valuable relationships that will etch your business in their memory.

5. Showcasing Your Brand

We'll run advertising campaigns tailored to your needs, whether you seek likes, in-store sales, leads, or other objectives. We have the expertise to deliver results effectively.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves!

So far, our ads have reached:


unique users.



That’s an extensive audience actively seeking products, services, advice, and much more.
Chances are they were looking for you.