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We've been making waves across Europe for over a decade!

BURA is a wind every Croat is familiar with, and its influence on our lives is unmistakable. Swift and efficient, it touches everyone – just like our actions!

Our company was established in 2013, and from the outset, we’ve been supporting customers at every juncture of their business operations, spanning every corner of Europe. Initially, our focus revolved around comprehensive web development and corporate fan page management. Furthermore, we’ve been devising Facebook and Google Ads advertising strategies right from the get-go. Over time, we’ve amassed a wealth of experience, which we’re now eager to leverage as we assist our customers in conquering new markets.



of invaluable experience


customers from all over the world

2,2 mln

Euros invested in advertising

Facebook Management

, Instagram, LinkedIn, or X, we excel in moderation, crafting original and captivating content, graphic design, and sourcing perfect imagery. We're also adept at generating web content, fine-tuning blog posts, crafting news articles, and designing compelling advertising materials. In essence, we're your one-stop-shop for bolstering your company's visibility.

Everything at one place

Our mission is to offer comprehensive internet marketing services to businesses of all sizes, regardless of their stage of development. We cater to both small enterprises and large corporations, drawing from our extensive experience to deliver results. Our process begins with a meticulously crafted strategy, ensuring we focus on the right areas to enhance your company’s visibility. We start our work by creating a detailed strategy, thanks to which we know what is worth paying attention to and how to increase the recognition of your company.


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Don’t hesitate; procrastination often leads to missed opportunities.
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Step by step

We are available at every stage of your company’s existence – from coming up with a catchy name to positioning it on the first pages of search engines!


It all begins with an idea. A single thought can spark monumental projects. Do you have something catchy in mind? Perhaps a rough logo concept? Or maybe you're seeking a creative visionary to bring your ideas to life. Share your vision, and together, we'll craft a dynamic marketing strategy that ensures your company's recognition for years to come.


Your responsive website is your digital business card and a hallmark of professionalism. It adapts seamlessly to mobile devices and computers, empowering you to showcase your offerings, attract customers, and expand your enterprise. Leverage this platform to present your best self online and stay ahead of the competition.


A website is only valuable when it's visible. Ensuring it appears among the top search engine results is crucial. This challenge is best entrusted to experts. We'll select the optimal keywords, assess competitors' strategies, and secure your site's prime spot on Google's first page.


With over 2 billion social media users, joining this network can exponentially boost your advertising reach. If you're uncertain about "what" and "how," and need a moderator for your company profile, look no further. We'll create captivating content that forms the cornerstone of your business promotion.


Creative email and Google Ads campaigns are the foundations of effective advertising. Yet, sometimes being "good" isn't sufficient. YouTube video campaigns? Absolutely. Tailored newsletters? A breeze for us. We'll pinpoint the advertising strategy that suits your business and opens channels to connect with your customers.

We Attract Customers

Or more precisely…we attract customers to your offer.

Discover what we bring to the table at no cost to you. We’re here, your customers are ready, and your competition isn’t waiting.